Your Chance To Own A Piece Of DS9!

By Lisa
June 2, 2001 - 10:58 AM

USS Defiant's Hangar Deck - Courtesy LCARS Computer Network This month's LCARSCOM.NET competition offers a very special prize to one lucky winner.

The winner will recieve an 8.5 x 11 inch 'System Offline' 'T-bar' graphic panel that was back-lit and used on the Bridge of the USS Defiant in the Deep Space Nine episode 'The Visitor' has been donated by Doug Drexler. In addition, Drexler has also donated a signed illustration of the Defiant's hangar deck, pictured above.

Drexler, who has previously worked on the Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, and did visual effects work on Voyager, will be a junior illustrator working on Enterprise. He worked with Michael and Denise Okuda to illustrate 'The Star Trek Encyclopedia' which describes itself as 'The ultimate reference book for all Star Trek fans!' He illustrated and co-authored the 'Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Technical Manual' and the 'Star Trek Sticker Book'.

This month's LCARS competition invites entrants to submit a question for Drexler to answer. He will then choose the question he liked best and the prize will be awarded to the person who submitted it.

To submit a question, head over to the LCARS Computer Network contest page.

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