Wolfe Talks Tyr

By Christian
June 2, 2000 - 11:47 PM

Keith Hamilton Cobb - picture courtesy AndromedaTV.com Don Lipper at Space.com has put up a new edition of 'Dispatches from Andromeda', the weekly interview with executive producer Robert Hewitt Wolfe. After last week mostly talking about Lexa Doig, who plays the starship Andromeda on the series, this week the subject is the character of Tyr Anasazi, played by Keith Hamilton Cobb:

SPACE.com: Let's talk about Tyr Anasazi. First of all, what was your image of him before you cast anybody?

Robert Hewitt Wolfe: Well, we wrote the part to the actor.


SC: Why did you write it to him?

RHW: Well, there were two parts that were written for specific actors. Obviously, we knew Dylan was going to be written for Kevin [Sorbo], and Tribune said "we have this wonderful actor [Keith Hamilton Cobb] and we think that you should fit him in if you think that there's a way to put a part for him into the show, you should put a part for him into the show."

So I met Keith, and obviously I saw immediately both in terms of the acting ability, he's a classically Shakespearean-trained actor, and just also in terms of physical presence, he's a very striking person. And there was already, in the mythology of the universe as I was developing it and as we were all talking about it, a very obvious way to go with casting him. So it was sort of a no-brainer.

In the full interview, Wolfe talks more about both Cobb and his character, but also talks a bit about how Lexa Doig was casted.

Thanks go out to the official 'Andromeda' site for the above image, which is of course copyrighted by Tribune.

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