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Rossi Wonders How Kirk Can Be Replaced

By Michelle
May 2, 2007 - 8:59 PM

Former Associate Producer Dave Rossi says that he is looking forward to being a fan again, but he is sorry to be losing the "unfettered access" he enjoyed for many years.

"It's certainly a somewhat melancholy feeling to know that a Star Trek movie will likely soon be filming on the stages here," Rossi told Star Trek Magazine (via Sci Fi Pulse). However, "there's also a certain giddiness to it. I can appreciate it again from a fan's point of view and thatís a lot of fun."

Rossi said that he does not envy executive producer J.J. Abrams's task in replacing the original series cast, particularly the role of Captain Kirk. "The Shat Factor ranks pretty high. Youíre recasting a role that has become synonymous with William Shatner. His mannerisms, his inflections, tone; all these things make up what we know as Captain Kirk," Rossi said. " I'll admit that if I like this movie, Iíll feel a little dirty for doing so knowing that someone else is playing Kirk. But I want to like this movie."

Now working with visual effects artists Michael and Denise Okuda on the remastered original series episodes, Rossi believes that even die-hard fans can be persuaded to appreciate a new start for the franchise. "Star Trek fans want to like Star Trek," he explained. "If the stories are good, if the characters are compelling, if there's balanced doses of action, humour, and drama, people will watch."

The full article is in Star Trek Magazine. Thanks to Sci Fi Pulse for these excerpts.

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