Jennifer Lien Interview

By Christian
May 2, 2000 - 9:12 PM

Manny Patel Jr. at, Paramount's official franchise site, has put up a new interview with Jennifer Lien, who starred on 'Voyager' during the show's first three seasons as Kes. Tomorrow, Lien will finally be returning to the show, in the Sweeps episode 'Fury'.

In the article, Lien reveals that she very much liked the episode, and the way the return of her character was executed. "Bringing back the character in a unique way was what I wanted from the start," she says. "I didn't want Kes to be completely Kes." In order to avoid this, Kes arrives in a very dramatic first scene, as mentioned in the 'Fury' synopsis that appeared yesterday. Lien liked this scene, saying that "it's pretty cool how I make my entrance. I make a lot of noise!"

At the end of the article, Lien also talks about what the results will be of her character's actions. "I think the character has changed [by] the end of the episode. She realizes that it's not cool to do what she did. [...] I think that it just keeps the opportunity open to explore [my] character, in case they need the diversion in some way." This possibility of Kes perhaps returning to Voyager once more is also something that is explored:

With Star Trek: Voyager reaching the end of its sixth season and with only one more year to go, would Jennifer want to do something similar to what Denise Crosby (Tasha Yar) did and reprise her role for the final episode? After a long pause, Jennifer tackles this issue and says with complete honesty, "Well, once again I don't know. I never know where I'll be or what I'm going to be doing at that point in time," she says. "However I do know that the show will grow. The show is going to grow without the character that I portrayed on it. So wherever it happens to be toward the culmination of the show, it will be at a point where [my character] may not be necessary or required. In that case the character won't be an important part of the story and therefore will not be needed. So yes, I could see not doing it. I could see not being asked back. I could also see that maybe there's a potential. Who knows?

"It's not a typical job," she states, "It's an honor. There's a difference. It was very nice of them to ask me back."

Besides going into more detail about these points, the full article also gives us an update on how Jennifer Lien spent the last three years, and has Lien talking about how the actual filming of 'Fury' went.

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