Activision Announces 'Away Team' Game

By Christian
May 2, 2000 - 7:49 PM

Activision, the game company that currently in possession of the Star Trek license, has announced a new strategy game set in the TNG universe: 'Star Trek: Away Team'. The product will be a real-time squad-based strategy game, allowing gamers to play as captain in an elite commando team. Take a look at how the official press release describes it:

As captain, the player controls a Special Forces unit of 22 highly trained specialists recruited by Starfleet for their unique combat, stealth and problem solving abilities. Individual team members are comprised of three to six specialist, chosen by the player at the start of each mission. As in the series, the commando team will have access to standard Starfleet equipment such as tricorders, phasers, hyposprays and phaser rifles as well as a number of other unique classified special issue items.

Played from a 3/4 perspective Star Trek Away Team combines strategy and action elements to immerse players in the world of Special Forces missions. To succeed, players will have to make use of the unique skills of each of the team members. Medical staff can heal the injured, engineers can access control panels and systems, science officers can scan the environment for needed information and security personal will provide firepower. Players will also want to make sure their entire team gets out intact since team members' effectiveness will increase as they complete missions and gain experience.

'Away Team' is currently in development by Reflexive Entertainment, a Californian gaming company that already completed the arcade shoot-em-up Swarm and is currently working on an action game called Zax. The game is scheduled to ship sometime next year, and though the press release does not mention the platform the game will be released on, in all likelihood this will be the PC.

You can read more in the full press release. Thanks go out to Jeff 'Koganuts' Koga for this!

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