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By Christian
May 2, 2000 - 7:41 AM

As the Excelsior campaign leadership already mentioned, the campaign in favour of a 'Captain Sulu' series hasn't ended after the rather disappointing turn-out at the nationwide demonstrations (see our report or pictures of the event In the first one, published at iFuse, Leonard Nimoy (Spock) talks about the Excelsior campaign, and even says he's fine with it:

"George Takei has been wanting this Excelsior series to work out for a long time," Nimoy said during a Los Angeles signing for his new spoken-word CD, 'Star Trek: Spock vs. Q.' "I've been hearing about this because he's out there beating the drum," Nimoy said. "If another one of us can get another series, than why not? Sure. My only concern is that they do good work, that's all it's about."

Right on, right on. Nimoy is even OK with the idea of a write-in campaign featuring Spock. "Somebody calls me, I answer the phone," Nimoy said matter-of-factly.

Later on in the interview Nimoy also says that he has no opinions on the next Star Trek, so while this interview can probably not be read as Nimoy outright supporting Excelsior, it's nice to hear his thoughts on the campaign. Thanks go out to Russ Haslage for this!

In the second article, Thomas Lee at AsianWeek, who writes about the great chance this would be for an Asian American to be featured on television in a non-stereotypical role. The article contains a few statements from the Media Action Network for Asian Americans (MANAA):

"Asian Americans have rare opportunities to see people like themselves in the media," said MANAA co-founder Guy Aoki, explaining the reasons why his organization has endorsed the campaign. "People need to see themselves acknowledged in television shows," he said. "When people feel they don't belong, they look for signs to give them acknowledgement. Even some small sign like a TV character gives them hope."

"One of the difficulties [the Asian American community has had] is putting Asians in lead roles. It's pretty rare," said John Tateishi, executive director of the Japanese American Citizens League. Tateishi said that Takei has tremendous appeal, not only to Asian Americans but to other segments of the population as well. "George has a lot of respect in the L.A. community and has done a lot to benefit the Asian American community," he said. "He shows respect for Asian Americans and cares about their needs. He has never taken any roles that depict Asians in a negative way. If anyone can make [this series] work, George can."

For the full article, please follow this link.

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