April Fools Day Star Trek Fun

By Lisa
April 2, 2002 - 8:21 PM

Chances are that yesterday everyone out there will have been the benefit of a stitch-up, a wind up or a bit of good old fashioned leg-pulling, as the world got into the spirit of April Fools Day.

Online Star Trek web sites also played along, with plenty of zany headlines to confuse and amuse passing readers. Here's a round up the major pranks pulled this year:

  • Wesley Crusher Beams Onto Enterprise!

    "The official announcement will be made on Thursday, but I've been given permission by Paramount's hired goons to make the announcement today," wrote Wil Wheaton (Wesley Crusher) at WilWheatonDotNet. "In four weeks, I will be joining the cast of Enterprise in a recurring role!"

    The actor went on to explain how Wesley would use his time travelling abilities to move through time and space to join the crew of the first Enterprise. He said that the move had come as a result of screen tests of Trek X, featuring a Wesley cameo, and the interest sparked by his 'lame little website.'

    "I spent most of last week on conference calls with Rick and Brannon, as well as some of the brass at Paramount, working out the details, making sure that Wesley will not be saving the NX-01 all the time," he wrote.

    The complete prank can be found here at WilWheatonDotNet.

  • Sev Trek Movie Cancelled

    Visitors to the Sev Trek web site were greeted with the distressing news that the project to bring the popular Star Trek parody cartoon to video had been cancelled because of copyright issues. The headline was linked to a page with the message: "After sweating blood for the last 2 and a half years to get this movie done, cancelling it now only a few weeks away from launch would never happen!"
    More details are at the Sev What's New page.

  • Most Boring 'Enterprise' Episode Ever?

    The official Star Trek web site published details of a strange new Enterprise episode:

    The Enterprise NX-01 discovers the S.S. Botany Bay, moving at sublight speeds. Closer inspection reveals a number of quiet, non-threatening genetically-enhanced humans. After deciding the ship and its inhabitants pose no threat to anyone, they leave. It's "Khan-Fusion!"

    The site published a number of strange news items in its news section, including:

    • News that despite the fact that a script has not even been written, a draft of the eleventh Star Trek movie has appeared online on fan web sites.
    • A report on a celebrity boxing match between Captains Kirk and Picard.
    • The startling discovery of a fan who has not only reconciled the differences between Klingon foreheads, but who also enjoys 'Faith of the Heart.'

    All these strange subspace distortions and more can be found at StarTrek.com

  • All Your Trek Are Belong To Us
    Jammer gave ST Hypertext a little make over, and informed visitors of the site's new pay-to-access policy. Details are on Jammer's Notes Page.

  • Scott Bakula Is Future Guy!

    One of the lingering mysteries of Enterprise was resolved when German site Daily Trek.de revealed his true identity: Scott Bakula.

    The site theorised that Bakula's former role as Sam Beckett on Quantum Leap gave him special time-jumping reality-altering powers. "Bakula slipped as Dr. Beckett [...] in each episode into the role of a person out of the past, in order to correct history. Therefore Sam Beckett's role on Enterprise would be in order to re-create a Roddenberry Star Trek universe."

    The complete story can be found on this page at DailyTrek.de.

Thanks go out to the multitude of TrekToday readers who submitted these stories.

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