Grand Slam: Voyager Finale & Series V Talk

By Christian
April 2, 2001 - 7:13 AM

Yesterday afternoon was an important time for Grand Slam visitors, as in the space of less than an hour more than the half of the Voyager crew as well as Series V co-creator Brannon Braga was scheduled to speak. Unfortunately, while the Voyager stars did provide some minor spoilers at the convention, Braga was less forthcoming with info on the new series.

According to a report very kindly sent in by Barbara, Brannon Braga refused to confirm or deny any rumours about Series V. In addition, he said it was still undecided on which network the series would air or even when it would debut. What he did say was that he knew of no plans for a DS9 film, and that if there were plans, he would probably have heard something. Barbara did note that she did not stay for the entire session with Brannon Braga, so a possibility exists that he had a change of heart near the end and did talk about Series V in more detail.

While Braga is the co-developer of Series V, he also is still involved with 'Star Trek: Voyager'. At the convention, he said that there will definitely be a time travel episode before Voyager goes off the air. Previously it was reported that the Voyager finale would take place at least partly in the future.

A few more news bits came out during the Q&A session with Voyager stars Tim Russ (Tuvok), Ethan Phillips (Neelix), Roxann Dawson (B'Elanna Torres), Robert Duncan McNeill (Tom Paris) and Robert Picardo (the Doctor).

Dawson was asked if B'Elanna's and Tom's baby would be born in the finale, but she said she was not allowed to tell. McNeill joked that, actually, Tom gave birth in the finale and the baby looked like the Doctor, to which Picardo added, "All babies look like the Doctor!" However, Picardo also said, "Come on now, would you make a major character pregnant then not have her deliver?" As Barbara said, "read into that what you want."

Later, Dawson's character was again the subject of a few comments about the finale, as she was asked a question about her favourite hair style for B'Elanna. McNeill said to Dawson, "You wear a different wig in the finale," to which she said very pointedly, "No I don't!" McNeill then gestured to indicate B'Elanna with hair down her back, to which Roxann said, "We're not allowed to talk about that!"

Finally, Ethan Phillips thanked a make-up in the audience, saying he would only have to be made up as Neelix two more times. Shooting for the finale has already begun, so unless these two times will be necessary for photo shoots, Neelix will in fact be seen in the Voyager finale. As previously reported, the character will supposedly be leaving the ship in the episode 'Destiny', so it is not known in what way he will appear in the episode.

Thanks go out to Barbara for sending this in!

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