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By Amy
March 2, 2001 - 6:50 PM

  • The official site has posted a report on the upcoming 'Dinner on the Promenade' charity, well dinner, to be held on March 30 at the Monrovia Holiday Inn. The proceeds of the evening go towards several charities, including the 'Save the Children Fund', 'Doctors Without Borders' and 'Guide Dogs for the Blind'. More information can also be found at Sid City.

  • Also, continuing their recent spate of updates, the official site has announced that it's re-vamped it's motion-picture dedicated pages.

  • After three months of work, the Deep Space Nine: Horizons campaign announced yesterday that it's reached the 5,000 signature mark.

  • The Cynic, aka David E. Sluss, has posted the following notice on his website, the Cynic's Corner:

    Administrative Note: Because of various technical difficulties, this site is being moved to a different server in the very near future. During the transition, there may be -- yes -- anomalies with the domain that may cause the site and/or my email to be down for a time. Hopefully this will all be straightened out fairly soon.

  • Psi Phi has updated their UPN schedule with the news that Voyager two-parter 'Flesh and Blood' is set to be repeated as a telemovie on March 14.

  • Psi Phi's books database has also undergone a number of updates. Their DS9 relaunch section now contains a chacter profile for Lt. Nog, while the observer's page has also been updated. Finally, the front cover image and back cover text for 'Gateways #4: Demons of Air and Darkness' by Keith R.A. DeCandido is up.

  • Sid City, the official site of DS9 actor Alexander Siddig (Dr. Bashir) has been updated with some new tidbits on his latest project, 'Reign of Fire'.

  • SyFy World, a part of the Trek Nation, has announced the nominations for this year's SyFy awards. To find out who's nominated and to learn how to vote, follow this link!

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