'Star Trek Toys'

By T'Bonz
February 2, 2008 - 6:32 PM

New 'Star Trek XI' toys are faithful to the original series, according to a recent attendee at a Toy Fair.

A poster at TrekBBS was able to see prototypes of the forthcoming Star Trek XI toys and was able to provide descriptions of what he saw of the toys, which are said to be due out in October.

Debush24 saw figures of Kirk, one of which was garbed in a red jumpsuit, the other wearing an original series gold tunic with a vee neck. The Spock figure was said to be older-looking, with gray hair. Uhura was dressed in a mini-skirt and was wearing boots. There was also a Pike figure, whose shirt had a Federation wreath stitched around the collar area. The Romulan villain Nero was dressed in a purple jumpsuit.

In addition, there was a ship, which the poster believed to be Romulan, but may have been another type of ship, which he described as being "gold in colour and is organic and squid-like". The 1701 Enterprise was described as being a mix of the TV and movie Enterprises.

Other toys were described, such as a tricorder, phaser and communicator. The phaser was described as being 90% turquoise and black with some black buttons. The communicator had "flip open action and was completely black."

To read more on debush24's descriptions, head to the link at TrekBBS located here.

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