News Bullets

By Antony
February 2, 2003 - 10:48 PM

  • Tomorrow is when Casey Biggs (Damar) will make his appearance in CSI: Miami. The episode is titled 'Forced Entry' and is shown at 10pm ET/PT on CBS. A trailer can be seen at CSI: Miami's official website. Thanks to Holly Kim Wilson!

  • Creation Entertainment has announced that Kate Mulgrew has cancelled her appearance at their upcoming Seattle convention. She is replaced by Voyager co-stars Ethan Phillips (Neelix) and Robert Picardo (The Doctor).

  • A competition to win a copy of the 'Nemesis' novel is being held by Trekpulse.

  • A cousin to William C. McCool, one of the astronauts lost in the Columbia space shuttle explosion, has paid tribute to the astronauts lost in the tragedy at his Star Trek website. Thanks to Doug Wilson!

  • Paul S. Torrez at has reviewed Art Asylum's Star Trek action figures, saying they are "a must have". The review can be found here here.

  • Paul Davidson at IGN FilmForce has written a summary of what's to come with Enterprise, and has commented on the struggles for the show. The article can be found here. Thanks to dogsowar!

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