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By Antony
January 2, 2003 - 7:58 PM

Hello World!

I can't believe I'm back doing Trek. Three times before, it almost killed me. I swore I'd never give it another chance to finish the job. Well, it's not really that bad — I just couldn't resist parodying B5. But here I am again, writing about Trek. I've had various people come out of the woodwork after noticing that I'm back, and asking what compelled me to return.

Well as some of you may know, I had my own Star Trek site. From its humble beginnings as a WebRing, it evolved into a more general site, then it evolved into Star Trek Central where it grew and grew. This attracted the attention of Fandom Inc, an ill-fated startup that destroy... erm, acquired the site and took me on as staff. It was a very rocky ride. Very rocky. It changed the site in such a way that the transition was not smooth. It took a while, but I worked out a new approach and my visitors reacted well. Ironically it was just as Voyager was coming to an end that so did the company. 'Endgame' had a double meaning for me. So in the end it was very rewarding, and if I had. All in all, it was a painful but a rewarding and fun experience. But I did feel I was Trekked out. I could have started with TrekToday back then actually, but I just wanted to go away and do my own thing for a while.

But, having taken a break, here I am. I was eager to write about Trek again — I still felt like a walking Omnipedia, and needed to let all the information out. So I hope that the knowledge comes in useful when providing you all with news and articles. I am a particular fan of Doctor Spock, and will write about him whenever possible.

I will endeavour to make my regular site columns interesting (I hear they've got quite a cult following around here). As I lead a boring life, I will invariably talk about TV and films most of the time. It's also a great opportunity to brainwash you all with my eclectic tastes. I'm sure you're used to more cultured writings from the other TrekToday writers, but don't expect culture from me. I like films with lots of explosions, and I am a big fan of Kevin Smith's work. But don't worry, I do like some respectable films too, and with over 160 DVDs in my collection I have a wide variety.

This leads me to remind everyone that The Bourne Identity is out this month on DVD in the US, and should be an addition to any shelf. This film rocks. If you haven't seen it, The Bourne Identity is a film based upon a book by Robert Ludlum, and stars Matt Damon and Franke Potente. It was quite the hit in the US, and a sequel is already being talked about. It would seem the DVD is set for some good success too, already #6 in Amazon's sales chart and it's not released for another three weeks. The DVD includes a commentary, alternate ending and various deleted scenes. I can't wait to receive it. You can find out more by visiting

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Trek Two Years Ago

These was no news on January 2 2001, but on January 3 2001 the following news was covered:

  • Ray Walston Passes Away
    The sad news that veteran actor Ray Walston had died on January 1 2001 broke. Walston was famous for My Favourite Martian, and was familar to Trek fans for his role of Starfleet Academy gardener Boothby.

  • Trek X Scribe Interview
    The official website published an interview with 'Nemesis' writer John Logan. Talking of the villain for the movie (who would later turn out to be Shinzon) Logan said: "Picard needs an adversary or a foe that is up to his level ... We hope this adversary will be every bit as memorable not only for who he is, but how and why he behaves as he does."

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