Shatner And 'Raw Nerve'

By T'Bonz
December 1, 2008 - 11:33 PM

William Shatner will be the host of a new talk show that seeks to give fans better insights into the interviewees.

As reported by IGN, Raw Nerve, Shatner's new talk show, debuts tomorrow with Valerie Bertinelli as his first guest.

"I have pity on the poor interviewee," said Shatner. "...I'm not after tabloid gossip or a funny story per say. I'm not 'after' them or trying to get them with a question...I'm after the transfer of information that leads us to some insight into that person that may not be known or not particularly well known. I'm there to try and get to know them better and in the process let the audience know them better. The 'raw nerve' that I wish to touch is a nerve that they might not know themselves, that we reach together in the act of conversing."

There is no set formula for eliciting that information from the guests. "I have no preconceived ideas," explained Shatner. "None whatsoever. I allow the conversation to take us there. The only thing I'm trying to do is get through the surface as quickly as possible so that they feel comfortable with me so that we can talk about any of those or other subjects."

With such a format, it might be understandable that some guests might be nervous about appearing on Raw Nerve. "Since the show has yet to air, nobody knew what I was doing," said Shatner. "They all came to the show, the thirteen guests, with some apprehension. They don't know what I'm getting into. They don't know what they're getting into. We've reassured them that there's nothing salacious about what we're attempting to do. It'll be the most comfortable interview you've ever had. In a short period of time, they all relax and become comfortable with the fact that all we're doing is conversing."

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