Perpetual Redesigns Star Trek: Online Site

By Michelle
December 1, 2005 - 11:02 PM

Star Trek: Online, the web site of the upcoming massively multiplayer online game, has been redesigned by Perpetual Entertainment, and the producers have released the results of their customer survey.

"This improved version of our 'In Development' site will still provide you with official news about the game and special insights from members of the team," noted the producers at Perpetual, saying that the new design would allow better coordination of blog publishing over the RSS feed.

The customer survey results, which were compiled by Nielsen Media Research, surveyed over 600 active gamers who were categorised as primarily MMO gamers, Star Trek fans or gaming enthusiasts without particular interest in Star Trek or MMOs.

"We were pleased to learn that MMO gamers with low-to-moderate levels of enthusiasm in Star Trek, express a strong interest in Star Trek Online," noted the producers. "This tells us that, in general, players believe Star Trek will make for an interesting MMO experience even if they are not hard core fans of the franchise."

Asked which factions besides Starfleet the potential players would ultimately like to see, the Borg finished in first place at 29% with the Klingons just behind at 27%. Factions are not planned for the initial release, so the producers expressed relief that this did not seem to be a great concern, with only eight percent of respondents saying they were more likely to play the game if factions were available at the outset.

Among features that fans particularly wanted, 62% wanted the ability to upgrade and customise their own ship - the same percentage that said they would prefer to play as a human character as opposed to a Vulcan, Klingon, Bajoran or other species.

More information about the upcoming launch of Star Trek: Online can be found at the official game site.

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