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Trinneer Pleased With Fourth Season Developments

By Michelle
December 1, 2004 - 9:14 PM

"The writers are writing for this guy...I'm just playing this guy and figuring out stuff and adding stuff as we go along," said Connor Trinneer of his role as Trip Tucker on Star Trek: Enterprise, who declared that he likes the way the character is developing in the fourth season.

In a new Dreamwatch interview (transcript at the Trek BBS), Trinneer said he felt a major sense of relief when the show was renewed and felt that his character was more involved than he had been in previous seasons. "Now that they've got the chance to get back out there into space with a refitted ship I think he's as excited as he was initially, but with a bit more experience under his belt," said the actor.

Though he expressed some dissatisfaction with the development of T'Pol and Tucker's relationship during the third season, with too much emphasis on neuropressure and too little on the connection between them, he was looking forward to seeing how the characters would relate after her marriage to a Vulcan. "[Tucker] handled that very gracefully," he noted, adding, "I have no idea what they're going to do with Trip and T'Pol in terms of their relationship now...I guess there are still feelings involved, but I just don't know how that's going to manifest itself."

During the fourth season, said Trinneer, Enterprise is paying attention to connections to the original series and the races introduced there. He enjoyed working with Brent Spiner (Arik Soong), whom he described as "a really good actor and a great dude", and said he hoped his character would get to spend more time with Malcolm Reed "as it would allow the characters to develop their popular 'odd-couple' relationship."

He also has a good working relationship with LeVar Burton, who directed "Similitude" and "The Forgotten" - Tucker's two biggest episodes last season, which required emotional range from the actor as he portrayed a clone of Trip and the character's efforts to come to terms with his sister's death. "The fans pay tremendous attention to the franchise and to the actors," he said, expressing his hope that the show would run additional seasons after this one. "If they do call me at some point in the future, I'd do it."

The original Dreamwatch transcript from issue #124 is at the Trek BBS. Thanks to Hoshi's sis for the transcript.

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