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Largest Trek Exhibition Ever Opens This Month

By Caillan
December 1, 2002 - 3:35 PM

The largest Star Trek exhibition anywhere in the world - or the galaxy, for that matter - launches in London later this month.

Billed as a "multi-media interactive experience," 'Star Trek: The Adventure' will open its doors in Hyde Park on December 18 before beginning a round-the-world tour, with future destinations including the United States and Australia. Housed in a 7,000 square metre exhibition hall, the event will showcase props and sets from all five series and ten feature films, including the upcoming 'Star Trek Nemesis.'

"This is one of the biggest interactive events on earth," Special Entertainment Events president and exhibition creator Martin Biallas told the Reuters news agency. "This exhibition will go five years, maybe 10. Great Britain has 400,000 organized members in the Star Trek fan clubs. If they alone show up, we are more than fine."

There's certainly plenty on offer. Visitors are welcomed into the experience via 'Earthbase Ops,' a 24th-century Operations Centre built on the Paramount lot in Los Angeles, before proceeding into the 'Nemesis' exhibit, which contains actual props used in the production of the film.

For the budding Tom Paris, there are four shuttlecraft flight simulators, which promise visitors "the opportunity to experience the heart pumping sensation of riding a starship shuttlecraft through an interstellar debris field." Other exhibits include Quark's Bar from Deep Space Nine, the Enterprise-D engineering section and the bridge from the Original Series.

Biallas said the sets are accurate to the most intimate detail. "I always use the example of Captain Kirk's toilet. We have to build so it is so accurate and so real as the Trekkies know it. If the lid is not the way they know it, they'll say it is not real."

Advanced bookings for the period running from December 18 to January 31 are currently being taken, with tickets priced at £13.50 per person on weekdays and £15.50 on weekends. For booking details, head over to 'Star Trek: The Adventure's' official web site.

The original Reuters article can be found here. Thanks to Jose Gonzalez and Chris for this!

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