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Trinneer On Keeping Trip Interesting

By Caillan
December 1, 2002 - 3:34 PM

Enterprise actor Connor Trinneer (Trip Tucker) said recently he hopes the writers will delve deeper into his character by examining his quieter side.

"I'm curious to see some of his stillness," Trinneer told Ian Spelling in Dreamwatch Magazine (via Sci-Fi Pulse). "I'd like to see him in a quiet moment. I'd like to see Trip have to handle a situation internally, personally, singularly and give it the time. I don't know if that will ever happen, but I think that would be rather fascinating. You get so much of the other side of him, but the pendulum swings in both directions, always, and I'd like to see the other side."

The actor is conscious of the need to constantly keep Trip interesting for the audience. "I am responsible and required as an actor to take this guy and keep him above water in terms of not getting boring or stale or that kind of thing. That's the most fascinating element as an actor. I have to stay on top of it and stay on top of what I sense is happening to the character and my own responsibility in terms of keeping him curious and driven, just like I am."

While the engineer has played a big part in Enterprise to date, Trinneer isn't worried about stepping aside to let some of the other characters share the limelight. "It's important to know that I can go to Rick [Berman] and Brannon [Braga] if I have a question or a concern, but I don't have any worries about them ignoring or forgetting Trip. I have a sense - and hope - that they will spend more time on some of our other characters. I'm having such a good time doing this show that I don't really have questions about what they're doing for my character. They have spoken to me and said, 'We're really keen on getting a couple out for you.' At this point I'm a company man."

The full interview, in which Trinneer also talked about the Temporal Cold War storyline, can be found in the 100th issue of Dreamwatch Magazine, out now. Alternatively, excerpts are available here at Sci-Fi Pulse.

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