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New 'Hailing Frequencies' Column

By Amy
December 1, 2000 - 2:27 PM

Over at Mania, Michelle Erica Green has posted the latest edition of her 'Hailing Frequencies' column. This week it's entitled 'Do Holograms Dream of Photonic Sheep?', it contains the usual snippets from her full review of 'Flesh and Blood', a look a the latest news, rumours, interviews and gossip as well as a review of 'Star Trek Voyager: Dark Matters #3: Shadow of Heaven'.

I enjoyed the final volume of Christie Golden's Dark Matters trilogy better than the first two volumes, and I hadn't believed that to be possible because the first two were excellent. She successfully resolves a complex scientific conundrum involving dark matter, unravels a tough political situation among the Romulans, and offers some interesting commentary on the Prime Directive by depicting the explosive relationship between a technologically advanced society and one that rejects technology sharing the same world. She also gives Harry Kim a lovely, doomed romance, and allows the vicious chairman of the Romulan Tal Shiar to redeem herself. There's not a single character neglected.

In the previous two novels, Golden had set up a situation in which Telek R'Mor, a Romulan known to the Voyager crew via his wormhole technology, discovered a deadly threat to the entire universe when a rogue from a race called the Shepherds encouraged the Romulans to use mutated dark matter to create cloaks for their ships. The planned catastrophic invasion of the Federation is the least of Voyager's worries, for the dark matter causes insanity and painful death in organic life forms and breaks down planets at the atomic level.

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