Final Season of 'Enterprise' Arrives on DVD

By Michelle
November 1, 2005 - 10:33 PM

The complete fourth season of Star Trek Enterprise was released on DVD today. Extras on the final disc in the set include deleted scenes, featurettes about the conclusion of the series and a look inside the Mirror universe episodes.

  • "'Terra Prime' is the finale. 'These Are the Voyages' never happened," wrote Bill Hunt of The Digital Bits. He rated the discs an A- for video, B+ for audio and C+ for extras, giving the fourth season an A with the exception of the finale which he rated an F. "It really HAS been a long road gettin' from there to here, hasn't it?" he asked. "Season Four is where Star Trek: Enterprise got a LOT better. At long last, this show finally hit its stride." He thought the high-definition video replacing film looked fine, though he found the extras a bit of a letdown, with sparse deleted scenes and too little commentary.

  • Justin Cleveland of DVDTown rated the set an overall 8/10, though like Hunt he was disappointed in the extras which received only a 6. "Everyone seems quite candorous about this season and how it ended, something I was surprised to hear," he noted of "Enterprise Moments: Season Four", though he found the audio quality unimpressive for the commentaries on episodes. "This season finally begins to bridge the gap between our world and that of the Federation Starship Enterprise," he explained. "As great as the new 'Battlestar Galactica' may be, the fact is that it isnít Star Trek and could never be. Trek is its own brand of SciFi, much the same as 'Star Wars.'"

  • At Home Theater Forum, Scott Kimball admitted that he did not watch the fourth season when it first aired, so disgusted was he by the alien Nazis at the end of season three. "One has to wonder if, without that 'jump-the-shark' moment, Enterprise might have regrouped enough to remain on the air for another season," he said. "Overall, I was amazed at the turnaround this show made in its fourth season." Kimball too found no inconsistencies in the switch from film to video, and he enjoyed the nostalgic episodes though like so many he disliked the finale.

  • Millionaire Playboy's Lando da Pimp wrote that as with each previous Star Trek series, "Enterprise's fourth season was the turning point for the series. Stories fell into place, characters were further developed, and the overall tone of the show was excellent. Unfortunately UPN cancelled the series ruining the chance for a fifth season." He appreciated the featurette about the Mirror episodes and joined the chorus protesting the finale despite the appearance of guest stars from The Next Generation.

Since November 1st also marks the release of Star Wars Episode III: The Revenge of the Sith on DVD in Region 1, two enormous science fiction franchises would seem to be winding down major releases for the foreseeable future. Star Trek Enterprise: The Complete Fourth Season is available now from

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