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By Christian
November 1, 2000 - 11:33 PM

After yesterday already putting up a transcript of the interview with Voyager executive producer Kenneth Biller, VoyagerView has put up another interview from the official Star Trek Magazine, this time featuring Marina Sirtis (Deanna Troi). In the interview, Sirtis mentioned she was really excited about the upcoming tenth Star Trek film, and wouldn't be upset if Troi just had a small role:

"I just want to be in it! If we're talking galactic and battles, it's bound to be more the boys. I know that sounds a little sexist -- that girls can be involved in battles too -- but the genre does tend to suit males better. And you've just got to be realistic; Patrick is the star of the show and then it's Brent, and they pay those guys the most money. They're not going to pay them and have them sitting in their trailers! For me it's not about how big my part is; it's about meeting up with all my buddies again."

A bit more can be found here. Portions of the interview have already appeared online before.

Completely new is an interview transcript at the Great Link, giving us an interview with William Shatner (James T. Kirk) that originally appeared in the British Star Trek Monthly. In the interview, Shatner talks about the many projects he's been working on, including his Trek novels:

"There was a two-pronged approach I had for the continuing tale of Captain Kirk's adventures," Shatner says. "One prong is, 'What was happening to him in his life?' I felt that the things that have been happening in my own life, the passages, should continue to be reflected in the life of Captain Kirk. Sometimes it's very painful, trying to paint with words an exact feeling if it's close to my heart."

"The second prong is, 'What are the external forces affecting him?"' he continues. "I'd always been curious about the Chaos Theory and life and existence itself being chaotic. That is, the things that happen by accident, the happen-stance, the unforeseen being unplanned and accidental. That is chaos. But it occurred to me that it might be interesting if one adhered to the Chaos Theory but dimly perceived an intelligence or a mind behind the chaos. In other words, maybe there's a pattern to the chaos that is beyond our comprehension."

Again, click here for more.

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