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By Christian
November 1, 2000 - 12:43 AM

Hello World!

Another downside of the move to winter time, besides enourmously confusing me, is that the server now actually jumps to another day an hour earlier than it used to, due to the server not changing from summer- to wintertime. As a result, today's Site Columns, which last week would still have showed up as having been typed on Tuesday, are now actually a Wednesday news item. Of course, even if I'd been able to put up these Site Columns an hour earlier, that still wouldn't have mattered much for those of you relying on the Site Columns for the TV listings - hopefully that should be solved soon when I either start writing them earlier, or, more likely, when I upgrade the Site Manager so we can also list tomorrow's TV. I'm hoping that part will be finished this weekend.

Link of the Day: BladeZone. I actually saw 'Blade Runner' again today, on a movie screen, so I figured this was an appropriate link. BladeZone is one of the most comprehensive sites on a movie I've ever seen, containing interviews, articles, and lots of exclusive content about the film. With the upcoming 'final' DVD edition (including deleted scenes) the site should become even more worth visiting over the coming months.

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-How would Janeway and Picard interact?

-Would James Earl Jones be a good choice to play Mogh, father of Worf?

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