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Blalock: Manny Has a Vision

By Chris Wales
October 1, 2004 - 11:46 PM

Ever since the instalment of Manny Coto as new executive producer of Enterprise (story), fans across the Internet have been speculating on how he will perform in the job – but it was Jolene Blalock who first broke cast ranks to give the outside world an actor's opinion.

"Absolutely," she responded, when asked by Dreamwatch magazine whether she shared fan excitement at the appointment of Coto. "Manny has a vision. When I was reading Manny's second script ("Chosen Realm") - because whenever you read a writer's first script, you're always thinking, 'Ok, but let's see what the next one is like....' - I found it was very interesting."

Blalock also spoke about her take on T'Pol's controversial trellium-D addiction. "I have mixed feelings about all that. It was very difficult for me to justify. Why would T'Pol want to do this to herself? Why are emotions so important to her? I felt that she lost herself there. She lost her culture, she lost her person – she lost T'Pol. She even lost her reputation!"

Although she has been critical of the way her relationship with engineer 'Trip' Tucker was handled last season (story), Blalock was very positive about how it will be developed in the upcoming season and in particular, with Coto's direct involvement. "He's been able to establish a better relationship between T'Pol and Trip, and make it something I'm more comfortable with. It's still the same relationship, but it's just different writing. It's actually a little deeper. I mean, it's not about 'Hey you turn me on....' it's about seeing each other for real."

For more of the interview including Blalock's favourite episode to date and how she sees her character developing, UK readers can pick up Dreamwatch magazine on sale now; alternatively, excerpts can be found at Sci-Fi Pulse and the TrekBBS.

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