Original Series Second Season DVD Set Specs Released

By Michelle
October 1, 2004 - 6:50 PM

Special features on Leonard Nimoy's photography, Nichelle Nichols' singing and D.C. Fontana's writing will be highlights of Star Trek: The Original Series: The Complete Second Season on DVD.

The R2 Project published details of the upcoming set, due to be released in Europe on November 1st and in North America on November 2nd. Presumably the Region 2 features will be nearly identical to the Region 1 release.

Among the favourite episodes of the beloved second season are "The Trouble With Tribbles", in which furry creatures with speedy reproductive systems take over the ship; "Amok Time", the episode which forces Kirk to fight Spock to the death after Vulcan mating fever drives the first officer home; and "Mirror, Mirror", in which Kirk and several crewmembers are trapped on an evil alternate Enterprise with a cunning, bearded Spock. Other perennial favourites include "Journey To Babel" and "Return To Tomorrow."

Among the special features will be a look at Kirk, Spock and McCoy, "Star Trek's Great Trio", with commentary by William Shatner (Kirk) and Leonard Nimoy (Spock), as well as an in-depth profile of Nimoy like the one of Shatner with the complete first season set. In "Designing the Final Frontier", production designer Matt Jeffries (for whom the Jeffries Tubes were named) and others explain how they constructed the trademark 60s look of the show.

In addition, Easter Eggs called "Red Shirt Logos" offer a collection of anecdotes from the cast and crew about their work on the series. The Region 2 release will have a feature, "Star Trek Favourite Moments", not included in the general Region 1 release, in which cast, crewmembers and fans of all the television series recall their favourite moments from The Original Series. Previous Region 2 exclusives have been distributed as specials by Best Buy and other venues in the US.

An illustration of the original series set is here along with the details. Star Trek: The Original Series: The Complete Second Season may be preordered from Amazon.com, Amazon.ca and Amazon.co.uk.

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