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Berman On Upcoming 'Enterprise' Shows

By Lisa
October 2, 2002 - 2:28 AM

Executive producer Rick Berman today talked about what sort of adventures are coming up for the crew of the NX-01 in the months ahead.

"I've just been working on 'The Seventh,' which just happens to be the seventh episode," Berman told the Sci Fi Wire.

"That's coincidental. That's a show in which T'Pol takes Archer and Mayweather on a secret mission to capture a dangerous Vulcan, who's played by Bruce Davison. And Bruce is just spectacular."

The eight episode of the season will be called 'The Communicator.' "Right after a disguised mission to a pre-warp culture, Archer and Reed come back and suddenly realise they've left a communicator on the surface. This is the adventures and misadventures of going back down and trying to find it and being captured by soldiers and accused of being spies of an enemy force on the same planet.

"It ends up being a Prime Directive type of episode," Berman continued. !Archer has to decide how much he's willing to let a pre-warp culture learn and whether he is, in fact, willing to give his life to keep the fact that he's from another world a secret. That's a terrific episode."

The series co-creator also provided new information on the ninth episode - the title of which is still unknown. "Episode #9 is a day-in-the-life episode. We sort of follow Archer and the gang through a typical day on the Enterprise, but all of a sudden there's a rash of obsessive-compulsive behaviour going on," Berman said.

" T'Pol and Archer are teamed up in an effort to save everyone's lives. There's a lot of humour in it, but it's pretty scary as well."

To read more from Berman, follow this link to the original report at the Sci Fi Wire.

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