Gaming Bullets

By Amy
October 1, 2000 - 4:31 PM

  • intelgamer reviewer Mike "StarHawk" Hawks has recently had a look at the demo for the upcoming game, 'Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - The Fallen'. Awarding it 95%. Hawks says the game has "Great special effects, Great sounds, Wonderful music" but notes on the lack of a save function, speech or in-depth briefing.

  • have awarded 'Star Trek: New Worlds' a solid 70 in their recent review of the game, but saying that "it had the potential to become a truly great strategy game. It offers great graphics, a good story, and a unique approach to Star Trek gaming (through the use of ground-based vehicles). Unfortunately, there are too many shortcomings for this game to end up as anything but mediocre."

  • Scifi Gaming has reviewed 'Star Trek: Voyager - Elite Force'. Awarding it an overall score of 8, they conclude by saying: "Elite Force is not perfect, but it's great to play, which is what really counts. The attention to detail in the game is superb, and Trek fans should have a field day with this one. Plus the raw Quake-style gameplay should easily attract other FPS fans who should be quite satisfied with the action that's offered here. But let's hope for a sequel that's a bit more than just a mindless blastfest. Still, taking criticisms into account, Elite Force is hands down one of the best executed Trek games to ever grace the PC."

  • The Firing Squad have also reviewed 'Elite Force', awarding it 80%. While he found it to be too linear and short, he was overall positive about the game, adding that it didn't disapoint.

  • The Firing Squad has also posted 70 new screenshots of 'Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: The Fallen'.

  • has published a brief interview with Raven Software's James Monroe where he speaks about the upcoming release of the developers tools for Elite Force.

  • Decipher has again updated its site with news about the upcoming DecipherCon as well as Enhanced Premiere FAQs (in PDF)

Thanks go out the Blues News and Evil Avatar for some of these!

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