Pegg Says 'Star Trek XI' To Be Irony-Free

By T'Bonz
September 1, 2008 - 8:55 PM

Simon Pegg tells fans not to expect parody in the new Star Trek film.

As reported by The National Post, Star Trek XI will be respectful to the world of Star Trek. "We pay tribute to that world," said Pegg. "It's proper to the pantheon, but J.J. [Abrams] kept reminding us this is not a parody of any kind. We were all keen to avoid playing the actors from the old series, but instead play our characters as we saw fit."

Star Trek XI will be an "irony-free zone," according to Pegg. The actors feel "a responsibility," towards Star Trek XI and "an anticipation," to the fan response, but Pegg realizes that Star Trek fans, with a long history of shows behind them, are particular and picky.

Pegg's attention to detail included Scotty's accent. As a child, the British Pegg had no problem with James Doohan's Scotty. "As a British kid growing [up,] I never questioned that Scotty was Scottish," said Pegg. But he did not try to recreate Doohan's accent. Instead, courtesy of his own roots, he chose a Glaswegian dialect for his portrayal of Scotty. "My wifeís Glaswegian and so is half of my family," said Pegg.

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