John Billingsley To Join '24'

By Christian
September 1, 2007 - 11:32 AM

Former Star Trek: Enterprise actor John Billingsley (Dr. Phlox) will appear in the seventh season of Fox's 24 as a character called Latham.

TV Guide reported the news of Billingsley's new recurring gig, but wasn't able to provide any further details on the role. The magazine did add that 24 has also hired Jeffrey Nordling to play an FBI agent named Larry, and that he'll be part of the show's regular cast. Nordling guest-starred on the first-season DS9 episode "Past Prologue" as Tahna.

When John Billingsley landed the role of Dr. Phlox in 2001, this marked his first regular series role on television. Since the end of Enterprise, he's had a recurring role on Prison Break and was a regular in last season's failed ABC show The Nine. He's also had guet roles on shows like Navy NCIS, Ghost Whisper and CSI: New York.

It will still be a while before fans will be able to see Billingsley on 24, as that show's seventh season isn't scheduled to start until next January. It's already been reported that this season will be set mostly in Washington D.C., and that the stories will take on more of a personal nature.

For the original report from TV Guide, please follow this link.

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