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By Michelle
September 1, 2005 - 6:34 PM

  • A list of cities and channels that will carry Enterprise in syndication beginning September 17th may be found at The official Star Trek site also has a list of Star Trek actor and crew birthdays in September.

  • There will be a sequel to Robert Beltran (Chakotay)'s cult SF classic Night of the Comet, according to TV Guide.

  • Reviews of Louise Fletcher (Kai Winn)'s SF thriller After Image, which has just been released on DVD, may be found at Fangoria, IGN, The Trades and Digitally Obsessed.

  • Totally Kate! has new photos of Kate Mulgrew (Janeway) at the Creation convention in Las Vegas last month. Mulgrew's official site also has an interview of the actress by the Ventura County Star about Tea at Five. There are photos of Mulgrew and other celebrities at the Tea at Five Pasadena premiere at And WCities has a site where fans can post reviews of Mulgrew in the play.

  • William Mapother discusses his role in Brannon Braga's Threshold this fall on CBS. Peter Hyams will direct the second hour of the two-hour pilot, notes Sci Fi Wire.

  • Sci Fi Pulse has an interview with one of this year's Strange New Worlds contest winners and part two of an interview with author David Mack about his Star Trek: Vanguard contributions.

  • A Telegraph article on the BBC hit comedy Extras mentions the guest appearance of Patrick Stewart (Picard).

  • Television Without Pity has a recap of the Next Generation episode "The Game":
    See Riker go to Risa. See Riker have video orgasms on Risa. See Riker bring back the sex game from Risa. See Riker get everyone addicted to the sex game from Risa. See Keckler drink every time she sees the sex game from Risa.

  • Sev Trek has posted the winning caption to the latest cartoon.

  • The Decipher Star Trek CCG invites fans to help name the new original series set.

  • Cinematical has a report on a Finnish Star Trek spoof, Star Wreck: In The Pirkinning.

  • The Malaysian Star Trek web site has just celebrated its one-year anniversary, notes Cinema Online.

  • An article in The Guardian on famous sayings that the attributed speakers never actually said includes "Beam me up Scotty."

  • WWMT has an article on HoloDek, named in honor of Star Trek's holodeck, which enables video game players to play on huge, high-definition screens that envelop the user.

  • And Captain Proton sent in an excerpt from the August 29th issue of Time Europe from an interview with novelist Salman Rushdie about his new book Shalimar the Clown. "There's a line about Klingons on the very first page of Shalimar," noted the interviewer. "Aren't you worried that a pop reference like that will date the book?" Rushdie replied that he thought a novel should be "partly about the contemporary and partly about the eternal...I have a suspicion that Klingons might be more enduring than we suspect." He also explained that his wife, Padma Lakshimi, had appeared on an episode of Enterprise as an "alien empress of most of the universe," and although The Next Generation is his personal favourite Star Trek series, "she was born to be empress of the universe."

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