DS9 Season Six DVD Set Details Released

By Michelle
September 1, 2003 - 5:17 PM

Details of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - The Complete Sixth Season DVD set have been released, bringing Section 31 and the Dominion War one step closer to living rooms across the US.

Among the acclaimed episodes of the show's penultimate year are the opening arc, "A Time To Stand" through "The Sacrifice of Angels"; the award-winning time-travel story about racial prejudice, "Far Beyond the Stars"; and the highly-regarded story of wartime compromise, "In the Pale Moonlight."

Season six also brought back Vedek Bareil (Philip Anglim) in "Resurrection", uncovered a secret about Kira's mother in "Wrongs Darker Than Death Or Night" and witnessed the death of a major crewmember in "Tears of the Prophets."

Featurettes will include a glimpse into the development of Dax and Worf's wedding in "You Are Cordially Invited...", a making-of "Far Beyond the Stars" and crew dossiers on Bashir and Quark.

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