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By Caillan
September 1, 2001 - 11:14 AM

  • A review of 'Dominion Wars' has been posted at Euro Gamer. Awarding it a score of 6/10, reviewer Tom Bramwell wrote that "Dominion Wars is an interesting, occasionally exciting game that suffers from a few notable flaws. Itís not really an accurate portrayal of the final series of DS9 because itís so faceless, but itís pretty good in its own right. If you think the bugs and plodding pace wonít trouble you too much, and you like the idea of piloting a band of huge starships around the universe, you could do worse than to check it out." The full review can be found here.

  • Al Berke at Wargamer has also posted an extremely thorough review of 'Dominion Wars.' Here's a quote from the review:

    Yet another game with a lot of potential brought up short by a buggy release, Dominion Wars is an exciting Star Trek space combat that gives the player more tactical control than a RTS without the technical micromanagement required of a space combat simulation. Strong points include a fairly unique interface and superb graphics and audio that together immersed me into the war for the Alpha Quadrant. Its weak points include poor documentation, single-player campaigns that are not only too short, but whose linear, scripted missions result in minimal replay potential, and a host of technical difficulties that are still making the game frustrating or unplayable to a significant number of gamers.

    Read more in the complete analysis.

  • At the official 'Dominion Wars' site, the FAQ has been updated with six new questions and answers.

  • The Prime Directive has posted a short Q & A with David Litwin at Totally Games, who is currently project leader on the upcoming 'Bridge Commander' game. "It's a Star Trek game that really captures the feel and look of the shows," Litwin said. "No one has tried to do the bridge experience like we have, and there hasn't been anything like the level of detail in our ships and damage in a Star Trek or other space sim before." To find out more, head over to the site.

  • The FAQ at Bridge Commander Headquarters has been updated with new questions about the upcoming 'Bridge Commander' space simulator. Go here to read more.

  • A new screenshot of the week has been posted at the official 'Bridge Commander' site.

    Thanks to Blue's News for most of these!

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