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Comic Writers Plan 'Intelligence Gathering'

By Michelle
August 1, 2007 - 8:51 PM

Star Trek comic writers Scott and David Tipton visited Comic-Con to discuss their upcoming offering Star Trek: The Next Generation: Intelligence Gathering - a five issue miniseries coming next year from IDW with art by David Messina.

"The three of us had such a great time working on our previous series, Klingons: Blood Will Tell, that we didn't want to stop," the Tiptons told Newsarama. "With the previous Next Generation series having just ended, we leapt at the chance to transfer our commissions over to the Enterprise-D, so to speak."

The pair refused to discuss what "intelligence gathering" took place in the comic, but said that the miniseries focuses on the relationships among the characters through a series of one-shot adventures that eventually "may be leading somewhere entirely unexpected." Among the subjects will be Worf in a command role, LaForge's relentless focus on engineering and Will Riker and Data's friendship, "which we always felt got short shrift."

The enemies will be a surprise as well, though the writers added, "We will say that longtime fans should enjoy seeing some old adversaries rear their heads once more."

The writers said they tried to approach comics as if they were writing television episodes and to keep the characters' voices based on what is already known about them. "We're placing this one toward the end of the fifth season," they said. "That way we're far enough along that everyone's character has been clearly and sharply defined, but we're not constrained by some of the status-quo-changing events that took place in the seventh season and the films...we're not looking to establish 'the official new adventures of Picard and company' or anything."

The full interview is at Newsarama.

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