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'Next Generation' Stars Skeptical About Trek Revival

By Michelle
August 1, 2006 - 7:19 PM

Though both Marina Sirtis (Troi) and Michael Dorn (Worf) have moved on from Star Trek: The Next Generation - though the two remain good friends, as they do with their castmates - neither one is impressed with Paramount's latest efforts to revive a Trek film franchise declared dead by many after Star Trek Nemesis failed to ignite at the box office.

Asked about Star Trek's future at the studio, Dorn told, "From what I hear, they're tired of it." He has heard the rumours that the eleventh Star Trek feature film will be a prequel set before the five-year mission of Captain Kirk's Enterprise, but thinks "that would be a don't go backward in Star Trek."

Dorn is enjoying the spotlight this week with the release of Star Trek Fan Collective - Klingon, which collects the Klingon episodes over the five televised Star Trek series chosen by fans for inclusion, with Dorn on the cover. "I'm smart enough to never say never in this business," he said. "When Next Gen was over I said I'd never put that makeup on again, and then I got a call the next year for Deep Space Nine."

However, with creator Gene Roddenberry gone, "the brakes were off...I don't think he'd have done any of those shows [after Next Generation]." Recently he has used the directing skills he developed on The Next Generation to helm other television shows, played music and done primarily voice acting for animated shows.

Meanwhile Sirtis chatted at her official site forum, saying that she didn't have much time because she was off to Bulgaria to shoot a film, Trade Routes, in which she will play a CIA agent, then to Greece for a family event. Asked about the rumoured plans for a Star Trek prequel, she replied, "Gene Roddenberry always said that Star Trek should go forward...I just don't think anyone at Paramount gets Star Trek anymore."

Sirtis joked that the studio was only interested in reaching a new "lost" audience, punning on producer J.J. Abrams' series Lost. As for her role in another popular science fiction franchise, she added, "I would reprise my role in Stargate in a nanosecond but they've not asked me...maybe you should all write them angry letters demanding I should be back on the show."

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