Full Philadelphia Convention Report

By Christian
August 1, 2000 - 11:22 PM

After yesterday already providing several major spoilers from the recent Slanted Fedora convention in Philadelphia, Doug Wilson has now also written a full report of his experiences at the con. Here's a snippet from the report, in which Doug relates his elevator encounter with Robert Duncan McNeill (Tom Paris):

Afterward, we all made our way from the convention area to the two elevators that lead to the lobby, and from there to the 4 that lead to the rooms. With 800+ people doing this, we decided to just mill around the gift shop. And a good thing we did. After the lines dwindled, we waited with 10 or so people for the elevators too arrive. My sister, who has a knack for spotting people, points discreetly and whispers that "That's Paris !!". To my surprise, who is left standing with us but Robbie (Robert Duncan McNeil). As two elevators arrive, He enters the first, with 4 or 5 other conventioneers, my sister and mother enter the second with a few others, and I have a choice that I make quickly, and, of course, enter the elevator with Robbie. I'm only on the 4th floor, so, I'm screwed. I say "Hi", meekly, despite my towering physical presence of 6 foot 8, and his meager average height. His hair is mussed, much unlike Tom Paris, and he's just returned from a ball game. He chats about his flight, and others about their drive from Michigan, and we arrive at my floor. I'm the only one to get off, and stand there for a few moments. Everyone glances to me to see what I'm waiting for, and as I exit, I inform them "I don't wanna get off the elevator!" to which Robbie is the first one to crack up at.

For the full report, please follow this link! Thanks go out to Doug Wilson for sending this in!

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