John Fleck Logs 'On_Line'

By Caillan
July 1, 2003 - 10:44 AM

John Fleck's (Silik) latest project is a little more down-to-earth than his role as a Suliban on Enterprise — but only just.

In the independent film On_Line, which was released in the United States last week, Fleck delves into the world of cybersex. "It's about online sex workers," he told Daniel R. Coleridge at TV Guide.

Directed by Jed Weintrob, the movie centres around John Roth and Moe Curley, two roommates who set up an Internet porn site called Intercon-X. John, who is struggling to get over his break-up with his fiancee, falls in love with one of their sex workers.

Fleck's character, Al Fleming, is a "man-on-man host", who becomes an object of affection for a teenager who has only recently discovered he is gay. "I play this guy who does German Nazi bondage fantasies," Fleck said. "I'm also the mature gay lover to this younger man. Variety said I was 'delicious' and stuff. I'm good in it!"

On_Line debuted last year on the festival circuit, winning Best Film at the San Jose Film Festival, but did not receive a cinematic release until last month. Kevin Thomas at the Los Angeles Times described the film as a "witty, sometimes unsettling commentary on romance in the Internet age", while the New York Times' Stephen Holden said it has a "mechanical, wildly implausible plot" but is "acted with enough zest by its cast to give these not especially endearing people a poignant human dimension".

Further information can be found at the movie's official web site. Thanks to Michael Hinman at SyFyPortal for this!

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