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By Caillan
July 1, 2002 - 5:08 PM

  • Mirrors of the 'Star Trek: Nemesis' teaser trailer can be found at the following sites:
    • Chris Herron has a Divx 5.02 version, available as a 2.60 MB RAR file, from this link.
    • Sci fi TV Schedules international has both the trailer and the Entertainment Tonight segment on the movie available to download.
    • has a high-quality 16.11 MB Divx version available for download.
    • Section 31 also has a page of mirror sites offering the trailer online here.

  • A round-up of July Trek book news is available here at the Trekker Newsletter.

  • Paul T. Semones at the Library of the Prophets has reviewed 'Stargazer Book One: Gauntlet.' Here's an extract from the article:

    The new Stargazer series has really been something I was looking forward to. Following up a youthful Captain Picardís earliest days as a Starfleet captain, and picking up where The Valiantís engaging storyline left off, Michael Jan Friedman's two-part miniseries promised to start off every Trek fanís summer right. I dunno, maybe MJF was on a tight deadline for this one, but Gauntlet is some of his worst writing that I can recall.

    The book was awarded a D grade in the full review.

  • The TNG season two DVD box set has been analysed by Guido Henkel at DVD Review. "Paramount is releasing a solid follow-up to the first season of Star Trek: The Next Generation here," he wrote.

  • Jeri Ryan (Seven of Nine) has been appointed to the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (ATAS) Executive Committee, according to

  • ABC will air 'Star Trek: First Contact' on Thursday, July 11 at 8:00pm (7:00pm Central). Thanks to Mike Minks for this!

  • Jamahl Epsicokhan recently updated Star Trek: Hypertext with his very positive review of Enterprise's 'Shockwave.' Here's an extract from his analysis:

    "Shockwave" is bookended with some chilling images that burned themselves into my mind. Those images are enough to elevate an already standout story into the realm of memorable excellence. Trek hasn't absorbed me in this way in some time. And I'm pleased also to report that there's a depth and emotional arc to this story that's convincing.

    The episode scored 4 out of 4 in the full review.

  • Cinescape reports DC Comics will release a softcover edition of WildStorm's graphic novel, 'Star Trek: The Next Generation - The Gorn Crisis,' in September.

  • William Shatner (James T. Kirk) answers fan questions in his latest column.

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