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By Lisa
July 1, 2001 - 8:34 PM

Hello World!

I've been playing a strange game on my Playstation this past week. It's called Harvest Moon: Back to Nature and it's a "farming simulation."

I've been having great fun naming my animals after various online friends. Amongst the cows, sheep, horses and chickens I've got a Caillan and a Christian, as well as various friends from the Trek BBS and J Team. Christian didn't seem too impressed when I told him that he'd just won the Chicken competition though. I can't imagine why.

What's most annoying about this game though, is the fact that you play a bloke. And one of your aims in the game, is to marry one of the village ladies.

Well excuse me for being female.

I have heard that a 'Harvest Moon for Girls' does exist, but only in Japan. Grrr.

However, something more disastrous that seems to be wrong with this game is a very nasty bug report. It seems that on the dawn of your wedding day to the girl of your dreams, the PAL version of the game freezes up. No fair. So it seems I'm going to have a very nasty surprise waiting for me when I progress that far.

Thank you very much Playstation game people :(

Trek BBS Today

Below are some of the topics currently being discussed at the Trek BBS:

-Will the Enterprise have shileds?

-What about Synthanol?

-Happy Dominion Day!

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Trek Two Years Ago

Below are some of the most important headlines from TrekToday on Thursday July 1st 1999:

  • What Does the Future Hold For Trek?
    Julia Houston published a new article looking at the ways Star Trek might be seen in the future.

    I know I'm not the only Trekker who likes to watch '50s sci-fi movies, and I'm guessing I'm also not the only one who likes to snicker at them occasionally. It's such a risk to project into the future, and it's so easy, looking at these films decades later, to feel superior about their erroneous views on "what might happen." Of course, we're really as clueless now as "they" were then about what the real year 2300 will be like. But that doesn't prevent a great satisfaction and sense of superiority being gained from knowing that "they" were wrong.

    For a nostalgic look back, the full artticle is still availble to read here at

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Today's Television Listings

  • In Canada, Space! will be showing The Original Series's 'The Cloud Minders' at 10:00am Eastern Time and TNG's 'QPid' at 11:00am.

  • In the United Kingdom, Sky One will be showing TNG's 'Unification' at 14:00 GMT, TNG's 'A Matter Of Time' at 15:00, and TNG's 'New Ground' at 16:00. Thanks go out to the Great Link for this!

Tomorrow's Television Listings

  • The Sci-Fi Channel will be showing the Original Series episode 'Mark of Gideon' at 5:00 p.m Eastern Time.

  • In Canada, Space! will be showing the Original Series episode 'The Savage Curtain' at 10:00 a.m. Eastern Time. The Next Generation's 'The Drumhead' will be shown at 12:00 p.m. Voyager's 'Waking Moments' will be shown at 10:00 p.m.

  • In the United Kingdom, Sky One will be showing the Next Generation's 'Yesterday's Enterprise' at 17:00 GMT. Voyager's 'Author, Author' will be shown at 20:00. Thanks go out to the Great Link for this!

  • In the Netherlands, Nederland 2 will be showing Voyager's 'Barge of the Dead' 1t 17:05 ECT. Thanks go out to for this!

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