New Evidence For Enterprise Logo

By Lisa
July 1, 2001 - 6:38 PM

'Paramount Lot Trailer Sign - Copyright Paramount Pictures The internet has been buzzing once again over the weekend with the emergence of a new possible Enterprise image. Yesterday another popular site claimed to have confirmation that the image is genuine.

A report on Ain't It Cool News said that the image pictured above is "almost certainly the badge" the site's source saw on the Enterprise uniforms. The report said that by eliminating the words 'Star Trek Enterprise' and 'Special Effects' a good impression of the uniform logo can be gained. The image was seen and photographed by Luke Griffin on the Paramount studios lot two weeks ago.

The site's source also included more description of the Series V uniforms. "The uniforms are purple and look like a mix of a NASA/military uniform and Starfleet's uniforms," the report said. "They are not nearly as form fitting. They have yellow stripes around the shoulders, not sure if those have anything to do with rank. There is also a badge of some sort on each forearm. No open collar." This description corroborates one that appeared on the same site almost two weeks ago (story).

Fake Enterprise Image Meanwhile another image that claimed to show the U.S.S Enterprise appeared online at TrekWeb today. The image (opposite) claimed to have been produced by one of the show's special effects houses, and be taken from the opening title sequence. While the image does contain an interesting possible view of the starship, we have been able to confirm that it is in fact an unofficial image, as was previously speculated by TrekWeb in the original report.

You can read more about the logo and the Enterprise uniforms in the original report at Ain't It Cool News. Thanks go out to Luke Griffin for sending us his photograph.

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