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Mulgrew: I Enjoyed Admiral Janeway

By Lisa
July 1, 2001 - 3:20 PM

The Voyager finale, 'Endgame,' saw Captain Janeway come face to face with a version of herself from the future. Though the two Janeways did not always get along, the actress who played both roles, Kate Mulgrew recently talked about her feelings on the Admiral.

"Here’s the peculiar thing: I loved playing the 73-year-old Janeway. And I hesitate before I say this, but I will say it anyway: I felt completely comfortable as Admiral Janeway," she told Starburst Magazine. "I felt free as Admiral Janeway."

"I felt free of the constraints of the immediate captaincy. Admiral Janeway is older, wiser, funnier. She’s learned a lot. She’s looser than Captain Janeway and her mission is one of great moral courage, which transcends all the needs of the younger Janeway. It was very, very exciting to play her. I didn’t get a death scene, though. You don’t see Admiral Janeway die. You just saw me with the Queen. And I liked that, too."

Though other Voyager actors have criticised the final episode, the Janeway actress was full of praise. "I thought it was very inventive," she said. "As far as Janeway, I’d been saying that I wanted her to pay the ultimate price and, in a way, they did that [...] From my perspective, the story was as much about humanity as it was about Sci-Fi."

You can read more from Kate Mulgrew, including her thoughts on her final moments on the set and leaving Voyager behind in the latest issue of Starburst Magazine out now in the UK. Details of how to order the magazine can be found at its web site, or extracts from the interview can be found online by following this link.

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