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Trek X Writer Finally Named?

By Christian
July 1, 2000 - 5:28 PM

Corona Coming Attractions has revealed what is now hopefully the true identity of the screenwriter for the tenth Star Trek film. According to the site, John Logan is the writer currently working on the Trek X script.

They uncovered this info at the DragonCon convention in Atlanta, which was also attended by J.G. Hertzler (Martok). According to him, John Logan is a lifelong Star Trek fan, who apparently jumped at the chance to pen the script for the tenth film. Hertzler was told this by Marina Sirtis, who for her role of Deanna Troi has of course been in contact with the producers a lot lately, for both Trek X and 'Life Line'. Hertzler unfortunately wasn't able to reveal any of the film's storyline, though he did confirm that all the TNG characters were in the script, and seemingly no characters from any of the other series.

John Logan isn't quite as high-profile as some of the screenwriters rumoured earlier, such as Akiva Goldsman and Joss Whedon, but he does fit in with an earlier rumour. In early June, Corona heard from a source that the 'writer for Gladiator' was working on the film, which they assumed was story writer David Franzoni. This turned out to be false, but apparently Corona's source meant Logan, who was responsible for a rewrite of the 'Gladiator' script.

Some of Logan's other work includes writing and producing the 1999 thriller 'Bats' and co-writing 'Any Given Sunday', as well as doing uncredited work on the 'X-Men' script, according to his IMDB listing. I'm not sure if this really makes him the "big name writer" Star Trek producer Rick Berman was promising, but of course he could just have said that to create hype, and Logan does seem to have the credentials for the job. If you'd like to judge for yourself, here are links to the first draft and second draft of 'Gladiator', showing the improvements after Logan revised the script.

This seems like a fairly official confirmation of the screenwriter name, but I'd still advise you to treat this news with a bit of caution. Logan is the fourth or fifth writer to be named in connection with Trek X, and it could still very well turn out to be untrue, especially considering the long chain of people through which this news was passed on. For now, though, it would seem we now finally know who will be penning the fourth TNG big-screen adventure.

Corona's original report can be found by following this link. Thanks go out to 'Wizdoc' for pointing me to this!

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