Gaming Bullets

By Christian
July 1, 2000 - 12:34 PM

  • Available at Stomped is an interview with the 'Elite Force' head programmer, James Monroe, written by John Callaham. In the interview, Monroe talks about the enhancements made to the 'Quake 3: Arena' engine for the game.

  • And also up at Stomped is an interview with 'Elite Force' project leader Brian Pelletier, rounding off their series of interviews on the game. Pelletier talks about the general progress of the game and the possible ways in which we could see the Elite Force again.

  • Meanwhile, IGN PC has put up the final set of Elite Force biographies, this time showing medical technician Juliet Jurot and scout Telsia Caitlin Murphy.

  • Over at the Starfleet Universe, 'Starfleet Command II' designer Joshua Morris has posted another update to the game's development diary, answering 21 frequently asked questions.

  • The official 'Star Trek: New Worlds' site has been updated with a video file showing a Romulan battle tank in Interplay's real-time strategy game.

  • Lee 'Grignard' Haumersen at Gamespy has written a review of 'Klingon Academy', awarding the space simulator a score of 86%, and praising its story and ability to convey the feeling of the Trek universe.

  • And finally, CGO's David Ryan Hunt awards the game just 3 out of 5 stars in his review, saying that "Trekkies may love it, but everyone else may have trouble seeing past its quirks and frustrations."
  • Thanks go out to Blue for most of these items.

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