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'Unimatrix Zero II' Rumours Online

By Christian
June 1, 2000 - 10:57 PM

Voyager's Delights has put up an unconfirmed rumour report about the possible story of 'Unimatrix Zero, Part Two'. I wasn't quite sure if I was going to post this at the site yet, but as other sites have also started to post it, I decided to also put it up - just keep in mind that these are still very unconfirmed rumours. The report was sent to the site by Lady Firebird, who in turn found it on a mailing list - according to the webmaster of Voyager's Delights the last time this happened the spoilers did turn out to be true.

According to the report, the story for the season opener will be written sometime within the next two weeks, as in about 2 1/2 weeks filming for the episode will start (the 22nd of June, according to Lolita Fatjo). According to the person who posted this news to the mailing list, the writers are going to let Janeway, Torres and Tuvok make all hell break loose on the Borg cube. He also said that Janeway will be communicating with Chakotay, directly or indirectly, via Unimatrix Zero. One way in which the writers are apparently considering doing this is through Seven's mind, which Chakotay would get access to via his cordical implant from 'Unity'.

Through this, Chakotay would also end up in Unimatrix Zero, and, once there, Janeway and Chakotay would also have a few moments together when they would not be discussing business. During one of these moments, they will apparently either kiss or get close to kissing, when Janeway starts to fade away, due to waking up from regeneration and leaving Unimatrix Zero. Because of this, Seven of Nine and Chakotay will learn about each other's troubled love lives, and they will also have some bonding talk outside of the dreamworld.

According to this person, another way in which the writers are considering having Janeway and Chakotay communicate is via Seven of Nine, whereby Janeway would talk to Seven and let her pass along messages. Most of these would be professional, but there would also be a few personal ones - an example the person on the mailing list gave was "Is the carpet clean yet?", referring to Chakotay's joking promise in Part One.

The original version of these rumours can be found here, but, again, please do keep in mind that these are only rumours, passed on via several people - TrekToday is probably the fourth or fifth chain from the original source.

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