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By Christian
June 1, 2000 - 10:26 PM

  • Jeff Bond at the Mothership has put up a review of the Original Series DVDs volumes 11 & 12, containing some of the final episodes of the Original Series' first season. Here's how he starts his review, looking at the DVD series in general:

    I want to preface this review by pointing out that I just purchased the entire first season of THE X-FILES on DVD for $99. That works out to about $3.80 per episode. I am still purchasing DVDs on my way to completing the first season of the original STAR TREK. At around fifteen dollars per two-episode DVD, obtaining the entire first season of STAR TREK is going to cost me close to TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS. At this rate, for three years of STAR TREK episodes I will pay the same that I will pay to own the entire first SIX SEASONS of THE X-FILES.

    Thus endeth my complaints about Paramount's STAR TREK DVDs. Sure I wish they had extra features. Sure I wish they'd have put the Sci Fi Channel interviews on them (so I could get rid of the countless videotapes of the Sci Fi Channel broadcasts I've compiled). Sure I wish they had audio commentary and isolated music scores and about a million other things. But I'm still so damned happy to have these immaculate-looking and sounding versions of the episodes.

    The full review awards the discs an A, and also includes separate looks at each of the episodes on them.

  • Michelle Erica Green at Another Universe has put up the first rerun season edition of her 'Hailing Frequencies' column, this week looking at the 'New Frontier' novel series:

    With Voyager off the air for the season and Deep Space Nine off the air forever, I decided it was time to sit down and read the Star Trek: New Frontier books. After all, these books represented my only opportunity for new Star Trek for several months. That was one of the reasons for the launch of the original four-part miniseries, back in 1997 -- as a summer fix, to give fans something to read while no televised Trek was being aired. These are the voyages of the starship Excalibur, under the command of Captain Calhoun, with a ship of colorful officers including a mugato and an intelligent walking rock.

    Imagine my delight at the discovery that New Frontier is better than Star Trek Voyager or Star Trek Insurrection.

    More on this discovery can be read in the full column.

  • And finally, TrekWeb has started its series of 'Summer Rerun Reviews Ex Deus', containing reviews by O.Deus of several season six episodes the site wasn't able to review when they first aired. This week, 'Riddles' is reviewed by the site.

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