'Unimatrix Zero' Final Ratings Disappoint

By Christian
June 1, 2000 - 9:45 PM

Over at the Star Trek Nielsen Ratings Information Database, Greg Fuller has posted the final regular ratings report of the season, looking at the national ratings of 'Unimatrix Zero'. The finale didn't perform that well:

The good news about "Unimatrix Zero"'s national rating was that it did manage to improve upon last year's terrible showing from "Equinox." The bad news, however, is that things didn't improve by much. "Unimatrix Zero" pulled in a 3.3 rating, 5 share. That is up from "Equinox"'s 3.2, but remains a fairly poor showing for a finale, especially for a cliffhanger involving the Borg. The show was the second-worst episode of sweeps as well, ahead of only last week's "The Haunting of Deck 12."


While this rating is very disappointing, it's important to not lose sight of the fact that it's not nearly as bad as it could have been. "Equinox" and last year's May sweeps was as low as Voyager has every gotten, turning in an average that even this year was able to defeat. However, considering that only two weeks ago, "Life Line" turned in a rating far superior to this one, "Unimatrix Zero"'s mark is still not good by any stretch. National ratings news returns in its weekly format in the fall for Voyager's final season -- stay tuned.

The full report also contains info on the show's timeslot performance. A possible reason for this rather low performance could of course be that some viewers simply decided to wait until both parts of the episode are shown next Fall, similar to what happened with 'Equinox'.

Meanwhile, yesterday's rerun of 'Riddles' took in an overnight rating of 3.2/5, of course well down from the 4.2/7 overnight rating scored by the finale.

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