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Monaghan Still In The Running For T'Pau Role

By Lisa
May 1, 2001 - 2:48 PM

Marjorie Monaghan in 'Heroes & Demons' - image courtesy MediaTrek.com

Despite reports that Paramount had dropped her for consideration and had even sent out a new casting call, former Babylon 5 actress Marjorie Monaghan said this weekend she is still hoping to land the role of T'Pau in the next Star Trek series.

While appearing at the recent Chiller Theater Spring 2001 Expo, Monaghan confirmed that she had indeed auditioned for a part in Series V. According to a report that appeared at the Great Link, she won't know until this week whether she got the part.

Marjorie Monaghan was originally linked to the role of Sub-Commander T'Pau in mid April. Later reports suggested that the Monaghan would not after all get the role of the Vulcan, and that two other actresses were now in contention (story), though their identities were not revealed.

A few days later, Paramount sent out a renewed casting call for the character (story). This suggested that all negotiations for the role had ended, or possibly that Paramount was using the renewed casting call as a negotiating tactic. By searching for other actresses, the studio could have been attempting to bring down the demands of potential candidates for the role. Today's news would seem to confirm that this was indeed the case, or that the new new casting call had no effect.

Marjorie Monaghan is an actress with a long history of science fiction roles. She is best known to Star Trek fans for her part in the Voyager episode 'Heroes and Demons' as Freya. She appeared with Scott Bakula in Quantum Leap and has had roles in Space Rangers and The Sentinel, as well as her best known role to date as Number one on Babylon Five.

The renewed casting call for the role of T'Pau described the Vulcan as "a beautiful, sensual Science Officer assigned to oversee humanity's progress on board the Enterprise," naming her as the series' female lead. "She has great dignity, confidence and strength - she is never timid. Being a true Vulcan she considers humans primitive and irrational, but she develops a respect for Captain Archer and becomes one of his most loyal and trusted crew members."

The role of T'Pau is not the only Series V lead with casting problems. Reportedly, former Quantum Leap actor Bakula is still in negotiations with Paramount over the Jackson Archer lead role. Last week, the actor signed on to film the pilot for CBS comedy Late Boomers, but left his options open for Series V (story). This was likely one of the reasons the expected official announcement about the next series was pushed back.

The new series is scheduled to begin filming on May 8th, exactly a week from now. The original report on this item can be found here at The Great Link.

Please remember that these reports have not been officially confirmed by Paramount. Until then, treat all Series V news from unofficial sources as you would any rumour.

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