Delta Blues 'Muse' Review

By Christian
May 1, 2000 - 10:48 PM

Jim Wright at Delta Blues has uploaded his review of 'Muse', last week's new Voyager episode. This seemed to be an episode Jim enjoyed:

I've got a soft spot for episodes like this.

Yes, I know. I've seen the email from people who decry the "slam" against fan fiction, where relationships tend to reign supreme and there is so much kissing--and then some--that you wonder where they find the time to do anything else. Like head home, fight for their lives, etc.

Not that I don't enjoy that sometimes. The Voyager of fan fiction is often a fascinating place, rich in characterization. I also enjoy the fast-paced, adrenaline-packed action and adventure that typify the episodes during Sweeps.

But in the midst of the action and adventure that typifies Sweeps episodes, a simple tale well told--rich in symbolism and social awareness and, yes, characterization--is refreshing.

The full review contains a more detailed analysis of the episode, as well as, of course, the usual very long synopsis.

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