Robert Wolfe Talks 'Andromeda'

By Christian
May 1, 2000 - 10:29 PM

Over at Space, Don Lipper has put up a new feature about 'Andromeda', the new SF series based on Gene Roddenberry's notes currently in development by Tribune Entertainment. The feature consists of three parts, in which Andromeda's co-creator and executive producer (and former DS9 writer) Robert Hewitt Wolfe talks about various aspects of the series.

In Part One, Wolfe shortly describes the series as being about "one man's quest to forward the cause of civilization over the cause of anarchy." In this part, Wolfe talks about the general look and feel they want to give the series, attempting to make it more fast-paced and a bit more modern regarding filming than Star Trek.

In Part Two, we learn about how 'Andromeda' was intended by Roddenberry and Wolfe to correct some of the science aspects Star Trek got wrong. This part also contains another explanation of the slipstream drive, the method used to travel faster than light in 'Andromeda'.

Finally, in Part Three Wolfe talks about working from Roddenberry's notes, the other concept that was considered by Tribune as a new series, and how many things the series actually contains.

Thanks go out to the many people who mailed me about this, the first being Lysette van Erp!

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