'Galaxy Quest' DVD & VHS Release Tomorrow

By Christian
May 1, 2000 - 2:05 PM

'Galaxy Quest' DVD cover - courtesy Amazon Tomorrow, 'Galaxy Quest' will be released for sale and rental on VHS tape and DVD. The Star Trek spoof was first released in American cinemas in late December 1999, and stars Tim Allen. The film was moderately successful in the US, taking in $71 million in the US, on a budget of $45 million. In pre-sales, the home video version is already doing very well - the VHS tape is the 4th best-selling VHS at Amazon at the moment, while the DVD even occupies the top spot.

The DVD will be release in two versions: one containing the DTS stereo soundtrack format, the other one including a regular Dolby 5.1 sound mix and an impressive list of extra features:

  • A 10-minute featurette called 'GalaxyQuest: On Location In Space', going behind the scenes on the filming.
  • 7 extra scenes which were deleted from the theatrical release, some for running time considerations, others to make the film acceptable for all audiences.
  • 9 Video interviews with the main five cast members, the director, the producers, and the make-up supervisor.
  • An extra soundtrack, featuring all the dialogue of the film dubbed in Thermian, the language of the aliens in the film.

The VHS has a recommended retail price of $22.98, while both DVD versions will cost you $26.99. The regular DVD is already getting fairly good reviews - Peter M. Bracke awarded it 4 out of 5 in his DVD File review, while Bill Hunt in his Digital Bits review awards it an A.

If you want to buy the DVD or the VHS, they can already be ordered via Amazon. Also, Entertainmen Tonight is currently running a contest where you can win a free copy of either the VHS or the DVD version. Thanks go out to Gustavo Leao for this! Meanwhile, us lucky people in the Netherlands will have to wait until the 27th of July for it to even show up in cinemas.

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