Pegg Finishes Filming

By T'Bonz
April 1, 2008 - 3:20 AM

After five weeks of filming, Simon Pegg has finished his work in Star Trek XI.

As reported by, Pegg completed his part in Star Trek XI, with his filming ending last week and enjoyed the experience.

"I did my last day last Monday," he said. "It's still going on. It's going until April but because of my availability, I had to do my stuff within a certain period. I did about five weeks. I was on set for a long time and I got to see a lot of cool things."

The five weeks of shooting was "...a great experience," said Pegg. "It really was an enormous amount of fun and a great cast. With J.J. at the helm, it's like, the guy is a machine, he's an engine of enthusiasm. It's great to have him working on the project. I said to someone recently, 'I think if I wasn't in the film, as a fan of Star Trek, the one person I'd want to be at the helm is a fan. And J.J. is most certainly that. He's the guy that you would want to be making this film if you were a Star Trek fan.' So I think the people out there who are concerned, you know, have to understand that it is in the hands of someone who loves the franchise and you really couldn't have it better then that."

Being a fan of Star Trek helped Pegg to appreciate his work on Star Trek XI. "That's one thing it really is, is cool. It really is very, very cool. And I was a fan of the original series and I dipped in and out of 'The Next Generation' and the following spin-offs. All of which I enjoyed to a degree. But I was particularly a fan of the first series, so it's lovely to be revisiting those characters. I feel an enormous amount of privilege and some, not a little responsibility as well."

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