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Takei Pokes Fun At 'Will & Grace'

By Michelle
April 1, 2006 - 5:02 PM

George Takei (Sulu) played himself in an episode of Will and Grace this week, putting in a plug for tolerance as the characters discussed what it means to be a Trekkie.

In a report on the episode at, Will (Free Enterprise's Eric McCormack) learns from his friend Jack that Takei will be a guest on his talk show and calls Takei an inspiration for "coming out the way he did! And I was always a fan. I mean, I wasn't a Trekkie, that's geeky."

He jokes that even in youth he was aware of Sulu's "sensitivity and lingering looks at Captain Kirk" and has dressed the character's action figure in a silvery outfit. The modified Sulu figure has a voice box that says, "Beam me down, Scotty — I'm going shopping!"

Since "Out TV" has been bought out by a right-wing company, Takei is told that he is not allowed to mention being gay on the talk show. But Will insists that Star Trek is about "tolerance and acceptance. No matter what your color, species, or hairstyle", even though Jack found the special effects unimpressive. "The point is, no one on that bridge compromised [Shatner impression] who...or...what...they were!" To which Takei responded that now that he knows what Star Trek was about, he was glad he appeared on it.

Comedy aside, Takei will appear at the Los Alamos Community Winds ensemble program in Los Alamos, New Mexico, on April 15th. To celebrate its 40th anniversary, the group will perform the music of Star Trek. Takei will sign autographs and address fans from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Original series composer Gerald Fried and writer David Gerrold will appear at the festival as well.

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