'Enterprise' Cancelled! And Other Big Stories

By Michelle
April 1, 2004 - 3:34 PM

A number of explosive headlines appeared this morning to scandalise the Star Trek world, but we're betting that most of them can be attributed to today's date: April 1st.

StarTrek.com has an entire page of April Fool stories, including the announcement of a new series, Klingon Eye for the Human Guy: "Five Klingon men, out to make over the world — one p'tak at a time."

The site also offers news about the Enterprise season finale, revealing the secret new Xindi foe, "She", to be played by Cindy from The Brady Bunch.

The Great Link has "spoilers" for the fourth season of Enterprise, including episode summaries involving mutant Tribbles attacking Sato in the shower and a drunken Reed questioning Archer's sexual orientation.

The Daily Trekker has a page in German which includes information about the next Star Trek feature film, set in the era of Daniels, who brings Archer and his crew to the future to battle Future Guy.

In addition, the site claims, William Shatner will star in an upcoming episode of Enterprise but will contribute only his voice, as he is now too old to play Captain Kirk. Instead the character will be created by CGI.

Meanwhile Jammer's review site, Star Trek: Hypertext, has been taken over by badgers.

The site for Five-Minute Enterprise has undergone some changes as well.

And the Swedish Star Trek Database claims that TrekToday broke news about a face-to-face appearance of the Romulans on Enterprise. They also say a full nude scene was shot with Trip and T'Pol.

In other genre news, the BBC has an important space-related story of particular interest to Lord of the Rings fans, And for Harry Potter fans, The Leaky Cauldron has some interesting headlines as well.

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